The Builders Association

NYC, 2015 & 2016


By: James Gibbs, Moe Angelos


Director: Marianne Weems


Scenic Design: Neal Wilkinson

Sound Design: Dan Dobson

Video Design: Austin Switser

Lighting Design: Jennifer Tipton

Costume Design: Andreea Mincic

Augmented Reality (AR) Design:  John Cleater

Interactive Network Design: Jesse Garrsion

Associate Augmented Reality Design:

Kevan Loney

AR/ Network Consultants: Larry Shea

Associate Lighting Design: Elliott Jenetopulos

Production Manager: Brendan Regimbal

Technical Director: Carl Whipple

Associate Video: Dale Krupla

Associate Sound: Andrew Lulling

Assistant Director: Eleanor Bishop

Production Stage Manager: Emma Sherr-Ziarko

Additional Contributing Artist: Katy Alexander, Nicolas Graver, Deniese Lara, Virgina Wang, Michelle Sutherland

Managing Director: Erica Laird

Dramaturg: James Gibbs


RESPONSIBILITIES AS AUGMENTED REALITY ASSOCIATE: 3D Modeling, Surfacing, Rigging, Animating of  AR Related 3D content, and Unity Programming

 Photos By:

Phones of audience members posted to social media