LOVUSHKE (trapped)

Carnegie Mellon University/

PearlArts Studios

Pittsburgh, 2016


Virtual Reality Theatre


Created By: Kevan Loney & Almeda Beynon


Video/ Media Design: Kevan Loney

Sound Design: Almeda Beynon

Dramaturg: Vanessa Frank

Narrative Advisor: Amy Gijsbers van Wijk


Starring: Keith Kelly & Amanda Jerry








'Lovushke' is an experimental theatrical performance combining VR with live performance immersive theatre.


'Lovushke' was created as part of my 2016 MFA thesis research at Carnegie Mellon University. In this project, Almeda Beynon and I hoped to investigate the duality between the communal experience of live performance, and the personalized/private experience of Virtual Reality.

In the research, we explored what it meant to develop for virtual reality and how to use this gaming work flow to combine it with a live theatrical environment. We also explored merging live video input within the real time video game environment in Unity3D. Using a cuing based system developed during The Builders Association's 'Elements of Oz', we were able to merge the virtual world and the physical word stories in a traditional theatrical cue based structure.


In the narrative, we allowed the audience to become the actors on stage. They could either live out the memories of the main character (putting on the VR headset), or becoming a part of the "machine" that is responsible for making these memories reality. This allowed the audience to place themselves into the story and to promote a more visceral experience.


This project was supported with funding by the Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry, and was selected as Resident Artist for the Pearl Diving Movement Residency in Pittsburgh, PA.