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Creative Team

Director/ Choreographer : Marcia Milgrom Dodge

Music Director: Brad Haak


Scenic: Kevin Depinet
Lighting: Matthew Richards
Sound: Andrew Harper
Costumes: Santo Loquasto
Projections: Kevan Loney
Wigs/Hair/Makeup: Dave Bova
Associate Director/ Choreographer: Josh Walden

PSM: Cody Renard Richards


"TUTS’ production, directed by Marcia Milgrom Dodge, manages to make “Ragtime” feel like a work of romanticism...Set against a painterly backdrop — projections from Kevan Loney suggest moods and themes rather than being mired in literalism, while Kevin Depinet’s metallic set is chic and nimble — the couple offers up a mythic, but powerful, counternarrative." - Wei-Huan Chen, Houston Chronicle

"Theatre Under the Stars has done a great service by this revival. While minimal yet efficient, the show has class and looks gorgeous. Sure, there's no Eugene Lee gigantic iron bargework Penn Station to take our breath away, no fireworks, no actual Model T, but Kevan Loney's haunting watercolor projections evoke and stimulate on a quieter level, dissolving in and out like a movie. Against these, Kevin Depinet's elemental furnishings, like stairs and door frames, are entirely of a piece. Santo Loquasto's stunning period costumes come from the revival, while Matthew Richards's lighting overlays this musical history journey with blazing theatrical dash and excitement. The pace and movement is wondrous, with the credit going to director Marcia Milgrom Dodge, from the Kennedy Center production, who doubles as choreographer. The blending of movement and dance is seamless, a bit of cakewalk on the side to get people out of the way for the next scene."- D.L. Groover - Houston Press

"As Father’s ship sails off on a shimmering sea beneath moonlight and stars, we experience the first of countless scenic projections from designer, Kevan Loney, that are among the finest I have seen on the stage.” DAVID DOW BENTLEY III - The People's Critic

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